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The Principality of Mewnaco

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5th August 2004

jadedskye2:28pm: I'm thinking of relocating and giving up mewnaco and resigning my post as mewnarch.  Nominations for a new mewnarch are now being accepted.

17th April 2004

jadedskye7:10am: Meow Meow! Lookie!
Please help make Mewnaco a dream come true! ;-)

Purr...oh isn't this mewie?!

17th January 2004

jadedskye2:45am: much silliness
A threat to mewnaco?

indeed :)

8th January 2004

jadedskye11:44pm: the latest from the MOFA...
" The paranoia of the US gov't continues to grow - now they are paw-printing all citizens of mewnaco that travel here - I am thinking we should start to fingerprint them back so they know what it feels like."


31st December 2003

jadedskye10:44pm: Happy Mew Year Mew Mews :) Purr :)
jadedskye9:40am: Heads up Mewnaco Mewtizens!
Are you ready to give up your litter box?!

Maybe we should put this to a vote...


20th December 2003

jadedskye2:26pm: Mewie Christmas Mewtizens! Hope Santa Paws brings you mew mews lots of Catnip!

BTW- steer clear of the tinsel. not mewie at all.
Current Mood: mewie

15th December 2003

el_rebelde9:56pm: .Mewnaco needs the Leftist Elftists because... .
a.) We build toys,
b.) We bake delicious cookies,
c.) We make SHOES!!!!! :P
Current Mood: pleased

4th November 2003

jadedskye11:18pm: Oh how mewie!

8th September 2003

jadedskye10:22am: attn: mewtizens
how mewie!

lookie the pretty ears!

(lavender kitty ears with flowers make me purr)

3rd September 2003

jadedskye4:23pm: Lookie Mews!

I want to run an economic think tank out of my litter box too! Le purr.

15th August 2003

jadedskye9:26am: FYI
One good thing about being a mewnaco mewtizen:

No matter how high or how hard you fall, you will always land on all four paws.

Le mew.
Current Mood: purr

13th August 2003

jadedskye6:30pm: mraowr!
This worm hit the Mewnaco Embassy today. Patch was obtained and the Embassy is up and mewing once again. Purr.

6th August 2003

el_rebelde8:17pm: .good deed.
i shared my lunch [tempura] with the orange kittie in school today :)

everybody should be proud of the Dwende :D
Current Mood: bouncy

26th July 2003

jadedskye12:40am: to those who received my e-mail...
I've been told by several people that it's true. And yes I know it's a cultural thing on their end....but MRAOWR.

There are alternatives!

It is quite possibly one of the most horrible things I have ever seen and it isn't right or fair and I'm in tears about the whole affair.

This is so terrible. Poor mewtizens.
Current Mood: deeply saddened

25th July 2003

elcapitane11:35am: Mewnister of Trade and Industry's Report
On my trip to Mew York, I stamped a deal with Mooscow for milk and cream in exchange for mewie saucers, of which we already have a surplus. I was also able to renegotiate the loan we had received earlier this year for industrial expansion from 4.6 to 3.mew percent and over a longer term, allowing us far more time to repay it.

Also, I signed a treaty with Sparrowvia. In exchange for surplus saucers not covered under the Mooscow treaty, they agreed to distrubute catnip seeds over our farmlands to increase crops. This should have the effect of increasing catnip production by twenty-mew percent over 10 years.

21st July 2003

jadedskye10:35pm: Infopackets
Hello Mewtizens,

The mewnaco infopacket is almost complete. I will be posting it online, and I would appreciate it if you could make the necessary corrections. Also, please e-mail the mewnarch (or leave a comment) and let mew know where to send the finalized version.

Finally, please leave a bowl of cream for the agent who will deliver your infopacket.

Many mews,

Kittie Mew Mew
Principality of Mewnaco

16th July 2003

jadedskye4:22pm: Emewrassing!

6th July 2003

el_rebelde9:44am: .pout.
i wish i'm not forbidden to eat siopao.
Current Mood: hungry

29th June 2003

el_rebelde7:17pm: :P
Toadstoolia's in the map!
Toadstoolia's in the map!

yay yay yay yay!

Toadstoolia's in the map!
Toadstoolia's in the map!

yay yay yay yay!
Current Mood: bouncy

16th June 2003

nder11:26am: hehe

15th June 2003

jadedskye10:52pm: news!
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